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We have to start over, forcing ourselves to think more about whats next because what just passed is too raw.
Whatever happens before the end, he just wants it to be interesting.
If I slowed down, I would be sad.
Nothing wrong with regular people, I just want no stability, nothing repetitive, something that after Im dead its like, Yo, that was a crazy (expletive) life. .I might die, but Id be remembered forever.1996: Nate Jones, Chicago, Ill.(3rd) 2012: Michael Hunter, Las Vegas, Nev.Awesome continues chasing dream of Olympic gold with a new name, new attitude", Yahoo!Until this issue is addressed, we wont win medals before we get paid.The smile as a sort of self-survival thing.He reaches out to friends in the WWE, because pro wrestling could be fun.Id save people, but Id do it for selfish reasons.Like, every goal I set, right before I make it, Im just going to fail.Club name: Turner/Ringside, began boxing: 2005, how did you get involved in boxing: I joined the gym to lose weight and fell in love with the sport.Depending on the moment, he will say he wants to become so famous he can pour champagne on beautiful women, or so successful he can be outwardly crazy, like Kanye West.Awesome says hes been called the Taylor Swift of boxing", The Kansas City Star, July 24, 2015.These athletes are getting paid so theres no need to turn pro, whilst here is an inner-city sport so these poor kids are barely unga cam tjejer naken supporting their selves when they do box for our country.10 List of titles edit List of titles won: 2 08 US Men's National Champ 10 US Men's National Champ 13 US Men's National Champ 14 US Men's National Champ 09 Golden Gloves National Champ 11 Golden Gloves National Champ 13 Golden Gloves National Champ.The second round came and I was like Oh, OK, I won that round as well, he said.I feel like if I took any time off, reality would hit, and theres not a place in reality for me, Cam says.Cam, keep up the good work.Awesome, weight class: Heavyweight/201 lbs, hometown: Uniondale, Long Island, New York, lives in: Lenexa, Kansas.He just missed the test.Hes just doing it his own way, with an aversion to cubicles and a survival instinct that turns to jokes.