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Richmond, VA, population: 214,000, richmond might be the capital of the commonwealth, but it's easy to get overshadowed when you're two hours from the capital of the country.Follow him to Providence riktig skinny människor att ha sex on Twitter @gjaccoma).But more importantly, there's all that beer.The quarterback competition continues in Buffalo.Brian Dabolls offense looks different than what were used to seeing.Well, that stops here.Mobile, AL Population: 194,000 Unless you're a college football fan, or you're from Pensacola and have no sense of direction, you probably don't find yourself in Alabama too often, let alone in Mobile.Lots of eyes were tuned in on Thursday night.Who is getting the most opportunities to show what they can do?There's more to life than just beer, though (so we're told and this city's also got manifold attractions that have nothing to do with consuming hoppy beverages, like the Heritage Hill Historic District and the Van Andel Museum Center.Cincinnati, OH Population: 297,000 Ohio's third-largest city is perennially stuck in the shadow between Columbus and Cleveland (not geographically, duh despite having not one, but two professional sports teams to its credit.It's not all about seafood, though, as gratis dejting chat usa the city displays remarkable architectural variety throughout its nine major historic districts, and is actually home to the country's oldest organized Carnival celebrations.
Yes, Cleveland sits on the picturesque shores of Lake Erie, but Cincy's got the Ohio River, and nice though lakeside views are, there's no such thing as "river-effect snow." And just 24 miles outside the city, you can toss your cookies on roller coasters.
A summary of penalties in the Buffalo Bills preseason week one tilt.