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Social login, let users login to your site and chat application using their Facebook, GPlus and twitter account in just one click.
Try it and get it now with a one-time purchase, once and for all forget subscriptions!You can ask a free trial or test the demo site before purchase the product in order to ensure that your requirements are satisfied.Send resolution (maximum high Definition (720p) (Available on computers with a quad-core CPU or higher) Uses more data, but your camera will send a better quality picture.On a computer, you may want to decrease the quality of your video call if you experience any of the following: Video or audio delays, poor network connection, low battery.Back to future with JChatSocial Enterprise the first video chat system subscriptions free to implement html5 technologies such as webrtc peer-to-peer data stream, Instant Language Translator, system web notifications and much more: Peer-to-peer html5 videochat (Requires https videoconference for multiple users (Requires https).Users, or you can use it as a help desk and integrated ticketing tool to talk live with visitors of your site, that will be able to be contacted by your predefined set of customer agents.Add a native html5 HD videochat to your site without needs of hosted or Flash based solutions (Requires https).Advanced themes Enjoy with 10 included themes, multiple layouts, customizable text and advanced positioning of chat boxes File attachments Send attachments to other users from your file system with just one click Ticketing and help desk Manage tickets using Joomla administration and choose your set.Click Settings and select.To save more data, the other participants' thumbnails turn off.Private user-to-user chat and public chat mode also supporting chatrooms.Responsive full-screen mode, ban and moderate chat users, server load fine tune for performance optimizations.Users that access the peer-to-peer videochat using unsupported browsers will be automatically notified and given instructions to update.Currently it's offered by all most modern browsers and devices based on the following table: Chrome version 23 and above (Chrome 47 requires https) Firefox version 22 and above Opera version 18 and above (Opera 38 requires https) Safari, mobile iOS devices and oldest browsers.Screenshots Videos Demo live of peer-to-peer video chat between 2 pcs JChatSocial Peer-to-peer html5 videochat JChatSocial Ticketing, the Joomla help desk Fullscreen responsive and mobile chat The Joomla help desk system Media objects management Demo with mobile peer-to-peer video chat Demo live using mobile and.