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(4) For the purposes of this section- (a) the expression "name" includes a surname, and Subs.
(2) A copy of every order made tinder this section shall be placed on the table of both Houses of Parliament as soon as may be after it is made.
If in any case not falling under section 8 any question arises with reference to this Act or any order made or direction given thereunder, whether any person spy cam gratis porr is or is not a foreigner or is or is not a foreigner of a particular class.
41 (E date (w.e.f.I Indien finns en lång tradition av att föra vackra gratis online video game chat-rum tyger och genuina material vidare till nästa generation genom återanvändning.1(3) No person shall- (a) knowingly assist an internee or a person on parole to escape from custody or the place set apart for his residence, or knowingly harbour an escaped internee or person on parole, or (b) give an escaped internee or person.By Act 38 of 1947, s, 2, for "British India".Andra mattor från Indien säljs bland annat under namnen.Power to exempt citizens of Common-wealth countries and other persons from application of Act in certain cases.THE foreigners ACT, 1946 ACT.Power to give effect orders, directions etc.Naturliga material som även är naturligt slitstarka.(3) The master of any vessel or the pilot of any aircraft, as the case may be, by means of which any foreigner enters or leaves 1India in contravention of any order made under, or direction given in pursuance of, section 3 shall, unless.Därför arbetar vi gärna i naturmaterial som linne, ull, ekologisk bomull, stengods och trä.2, for "British India").31 OF 1946* 23rd November, 1946.

8 of 1965, s, 3 and Sch.
Short title and extent.