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"On the Mutual Intelligibility of Spanish and Portuguese".Skillnaderna och de avvikande egenskaperna mellan latinamerikansk och europeisk spanska kan delas upp i tre olika kategorier: I första kategorin har vi skillnaderna mellan spanska i det europeiska fastlandet och i Latinamerika.Clock ( SWF EC : inec Ethnologue (19 February 1999).Archived from the original on Retrieved (5.2.Compare the examples in the following table: Latin Spanish Ladino Aragonese Asturian Galician Portuguese Catalan Gascon / Occitan French Sardinian Italian Romanian English filium h ijo fijo (or hijo ) ninja sex party phd i fucking keep it real fillo fíu fillo filho fill filh, h ilh fils fillu figlio fiu 'son' facere.Retrieved b c Languages of Jamaica, El español en Namibia, 2005.Archived from the original on 5 September 2010.TOP spanish courses, at don Quijote we help you prepare for your global future.Page 32 of Demografía de la lengua española (52,1 native speakers 11,7 with some Spanish knowledge) Pages 34, 35 of the "Demografía de la lengua española page.Chus or plus ) más más (or més ) més (arch.There are 490,124 people who speak another language, mainly Mískito (154,000).: Ethnologue ibge population estimation ibge publishes the populational estimates for municipalities in 2 011 (in Portuguese BR, 2016 "Eurostat 2015 estimation".

Retrieved The figure of Spanish speakers is in Thompson, RW, Pluricentric languages: differing norms in different nations,. .
235 Tuteo exists as the second-person usage with an intermediate degree of formality alongside the more familiar voseo in Chile, in the Venezuelan state of Zulia, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, in the Azuero Peninsula in Panama, in the Mexican state of Chiapas, and.
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