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(It's on the wonderful THE basement VHS DVD Box Set along with video violence 1 2 and cannibal campout from Camp Motion Pictures.) A special thanks to Joe of the website bleeding skull for some of this info.
Throughout the movie we are shown television clips of the Pope, Ronald Reagan, politicians, evangelists, nasa footage, old Nazi/Hitler film footage, the famous 80s brain on drugs anti-drug ad, punk rock music videos and various punk bands are featured on the soundtrack throughout.Franklin can run over him with his car, shoot him, stab him, burn him up, but he just cant kill him.Low-grade slasher quickie might be okay for those who like homemade horror and are looking for a way to kill 65 minutes.It orders Scott to kill his friends and after Scott refuses to comply, it imitates Scott and starts killing them all.But it turns out that the weapons used in the attacks were gratis knulla chat-rum harboring some unknown element that brings the dead back to life.Slaughter disc is an original micro budget torture porn flick with enough graphic gore, torture, and sex to keep fans of "gore porn" satisfied.Graphic sex, rape, gore, and necrophilia all with a psychotic satanic atmosphere to it crammed into a grimy little 16 minutes.Things is a very weird, twisted, original and gory anthology film.The one scene with Martling telling a bunch of corny jokes to Franklin is a total laugh riot.With Mary MacPherson, Mark Courneyea, Steve Patterson, Eric Schmidt and Corey Stevenson.Not Rated - MD cutting moments (1997) - Perhaps the most professionally done film I've ever reviewed for this section of this website.

Not Rated -MD RED midnight (2005) - US/Italian co-production from Cinema Image Productions is an anthology film presenting us with three tales told by a psychic at the Red Midnight theatre who a reporter by the name of Karen Marks goes to see as part.
She, of course, ends up really sorry in the end.