For details) Thanks to a reverse-engineering effort on Nintendo's GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, Dolphin can directly use it to interface with GameCube controllers!
March 18, 2018, i was told that I should put something here so that everyone can tell at a glance that the site is alive and well.
Improved Audio and Video Dumping (See The October 2014 progress report entry for details) It would have been really hard to show off all of the great things added throughout the Dolphin.0 era without the improved video dumping functionality.
This feature is also a cornerstone of various 60 FPS patches available for users on the wiki and forums.Things might be a little laggy while adjusting to the new architecture.Lioncash (Code Maintenance and Quality Expert) Sonicadvance1 (Dolphin Android, AArch64 JIT, Graphics Backend Creator and Optimizer) degasus (Graphics Backend Development and Optimizations, AArch64 JIT) flacs (Vertex Loader JIT, many speed optimizations) Armada (3D Stereoscopy Rewrite and Graphics Wizardry) Fiora (Too Many JIT Optimizations, MMU Fixes).And it's sacrificed compatibility, too.We just did not feel like Dolphin on Android has reached any milestone with these changes.As an added bonus, Fog also added a configurable dump-path.0-112 so that users can use a secondary hard-drive for all of their dumping needs.Credits We would like to thank everyone that helped make this release our biggest one yet!By using a recompiler instead of an interpreter to load vertices, vertex intensive games will run much, much faster than before in vertex limited scenes.We'll be waiting for you with all kinds of new features and enhancements when you do upgrade your PC!This includes the "Possible Desync Detected!" message.And in case you have a problem just ask me: / / m/.Another feature is Paletted EFB Copy to Texture support.Eventually the site will be updated to work around these issues, but for now there are a few things to try.Due to how demanding it is and all the crazy hardware tricks it uses, it may not be perfect yet, but zFreeze will not be causing any more headaches.Rewritten Netplay While Netplay in Dolphin.0 is a selling point, we still want better.
This correctness does result in a performance min gratis kammar ginny potter down in some cases on OpenGL, but as it's using the same implementation as D3D11/12, it's simply the price of actually emulating a feature.
If you're lagging in a game due to a weak CPU, you can lower the emulated CPU Clock to trade emulator lag (and issues like audio lag for full-speed with a lower framerate.

On both DSP-HLE, and DSP-LLE, DTK audio is now synchronized to emulation speed.