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1876 THE calctita gazette, november 6, 1924.Non C illegiiitn Student, Uuiveraity CohegH, R ill Cal.Principles of Economics Trade and Industry.Babu Uar Kumar Majumdar.(1) No suit, prosecution or other legal pro- ceeding snail lie against any person for anything which is in good faith done or intended to* done under this Ordinance.Assistant Magistrate, Midnapore, ia vested with the powers of a Magistrate of the third olasa.Sub-secti ii (7) of Section f) of the Bengal V'illago Self-Oovern- nient Act, 191.9 (Bengal Act V of 1919 read with rule 2 (2) of the Trunsferre!The Philosophy of Plotinus.It is hereby notified for general information that, under section 39 of the Bengal Local Self-Ouvtrniuont Act, III (B.Every licensed hackney-carriage, palamiiin or rickshaw shall be ilistiiictly marked on its panels and on the inside with the registured number and the number of the class to wliich it belongs, the figures to be not less than 8 inches in length, the colour.No, 13072A, The 20lh November 1924.It is hereby notified for general information that Saturday, the 6th December 1924, has been fixed for holding u by-eleotioii for the election of a Commis- sioner for ward.No, (J881J, T/ie 2nd September 1924, In exercise of the powers conferred by sections 14 and 15 and the proviso jlo section 357 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (Act V of 1898 the Governor in Council is pleased (r to confer upon Rai.No, 9815,4., The 18th August 1924, Maulvi Saiyid Abdul Majid, Deputy Magistrate, on probation, Malda, is vested with the powers of a Magistrate of the third class, and is directed, under tho proviso to section 357 of the (.'ode of Criminal Procoiiure, to take down.2A* 8th July 1924.The following pieces are prescribed to be read :.Non-iy illegiate Student (South Siiburluui College, Bhawatiipiir).Heard,.I.E, Surgeon -General with the Government of 1 engal, to be an Ordinary Fellow of the Calcutta University, v/re Major-General.Tankerwati Kajghata Tankerwati or Tuk.
BabU Tara Nath (Iupta, Deputy Collector, has been placed in charge of the Hooghly Treasury, with effect real live porr sex from the forenoon of the 17th November 1924, vice Maulvi Abu Mahammad Uossainuddiu Haidar, and is authorised to draw bills on other treasuries.
No, 461, 7he hemmagjord cam sex forum nedladdningar 22nd September 1924, Babu Atul Krislina Ghosh, Bub- Registrar, Babong (Piugbi in the listriot of Midnapore, is allowed leave on ' average pay for thrc!